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Our Top 10 Ways To Beat Back Pain

Starting as The Back Shop in 1984 we've grown by filtering and developing products that work.

We now have 4 Exciting Stores plus on-line and made to order: We aim to please those with Back Pain and those who love design.

Prefer to chat by phone or email? We've years of experience guiding those who cant visit us to the best choices.

Our Top 10 Ways To Beat Back Pain

Best Accessory for Posture and Core Fitness

  • The Humantool is for those who want to beat back pain by getting fitter rather than by supporting their back. 
  • It's a modern approach to reversing the damage that static sitting is known to cause.
  • Sitting on The Humantool (without touching the backrest) causes the spine to balance and micro-move, and hence to be exercised.
  • It works brilliantly for those for whom walking is relatively comfortable but sitting is not.
Human Tool Saddle Seat

The Mobiliser - Home Rental or Purchase

The Mobiliser System is the best we've seen for tackling long standing back pain.  

  • Mobilisation is the technique of gently moving dysfunctional joints to restore movement and health.
  • The technique is often used to tackle disc issues and sciatica or acute pain. Put simply, The Mobiliser Mobilises.   
  • We love seeing people recover, so during January and February the first session (in one of our 4 centres) is FREE.  
  • You can claim your free session via the button below.
  • For those too far from our stores... no problem, we deliver so you can use it for a month with our consultancy included.
Use a MobiliserT

Shoes That Can Make Walking A Joy

MBT shoes can change the way most of us use our muscles as well as reduce shock forces to the entire skeletal system. Unlike most conventional training shoes that only support and cushion your feet, the unique lever spring action of MBT's challenge the core strengthening muscles to be more active.

Please Note: MBT's are only available for Online Purchase.
- Please do not travel to one of our stores as MBT appointment are not currently available.

MBT Information

Portable Car and Sofa Back Support

  • Easily carried when folded, and simply rests in any seat.  
  • Use at home on your sofa or chair, great for long distance traveling.
  • Offers great support and extra comfort when you`re sitting.
  • The MEDesign Backfriend is one of the best posture aids we have ever found for reclined supported sitting.
MEDesign Backfriend

The Stressless Range of Recliners & Sofas

Savvy Shoppers Buy from Back In Action, Stresslessly

Our Ekornes Stressless models are carefully selected by our experts to combine comfort and spinal health. 

Many styles are available in three sizes to fit you and your family, perfectly. 

Try each size in Our Stores, which are the best place to choose Stressless.

We can refund up to £25 travel costs against Stressless chair orders in store!

Stressless Sofas & Chairs

One of Our All Time Favourites

This is the best chair we've ever sat in, and the one many Backinaction staff use around our tables and in front of our computers. 

The key to all good chairs is movement, forwards-and-backwards, side-to-side, up-and-down, the more movement the better. We call this active sitting. Once you achieve active sitting your core muscles will become stronger and you will find your posture will improve overnight, joints will be less stiff, and you will become more focused and have higher concentration levels.

Varier Actulum

HAG SoFi Mesh - Our best seller

So good for creating forwards tilt - If you aren't familiar with the huge benefits of forwards tilt and what it can do for your activity levels / spinal health, give us a call to chat or head over to our blog.

  • The Sofi Mesh combines the comfort of a mesh backrest with the firm pelvis support of a foam seat - frim seats are essential for maintaining healthy posture throughout a working day. 
  • Made with a free-flowing centre pivot tilt mechanism the Sofi Mesh allows easy low-level movement throughout your working day to reduce fatigue, increase muscle fitness, boost productivity - and its beautiful too.
HAG SoFi Mesh

Excellent For Active Sitting

You've probably never sat on anything quite like it - we think this might be up there with the most fun of all the chairs ever invented.

Worried about how little exercise you do in a day or how little movement you have in your life?
Enter the Aeris Swopper - its hard to explain in writing just how much movement (and joy) this chair brings. Its not easy to start with as you have to allow your fitness to improve - but boy it is worth it.

The Swopper

The Mattress We Developed For Those With Back Pain

After 25  years working with back pain sufferers we knew what was needed. We used that experience to create a mattress that has been a huge success over the last 6 years. 

  • Supportive, pressure relieving but also easy to move around on.

Why is it so successful?  Not just because of the quality of support, but because it's important for back pain sufferers (and actually everyone else too) to be able to vary positions throughout the night. Changing position helps to reduce inflammation, decrease joint stiffness and alleviate nighttime aches.

The Backinaction Mattress is made of carefully selected layered foam that allows pressure relief, support AND easy movement.

  • Installed for you with our 60 night trial.
  • Available to test out for yourself in all our showrooms.
The BackInAction Mattress

What about Kneeling Chairs?

Forget what you know about kneeling chairs unless you love them :-)

  • The best kneeling chairs are fantastic.  Some are not!
  • We've tested, filtered, and supplied kneeling chairs for 30+ years.
  • You can trust our opinion: We've 1000's of clients that love them.
  • Some can be used all day, even with most disc injuries. (ask us)
  • Some have a backrest. Some are over £1000 but many under £300
  • The Actulum is a kneeling char in disguise and should be considered.

The best way to choose is by visiting one of our 4 beautiful stores: Amersham, Marlow, Bristol, London. 
Or order online from our huge stock after reading our handy guide:

Kneeling Chairs

Gentle Movement While Sitting

This is our favorite support for long periods of driving because is adds essential Movement!
More movement has been shown to have a huge variety of benefits including:

  • Improved mood,
  • Increased energy levels,
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced pain,
  • Reduced inflammation,
  • Improved muscle health,
  • Improved joint healthy and much more.
HumanTool Pilot Spot

Ultimately...Prevention is better than cure. Give children the Best Start

Our favorite chair of all time - The children's chair that grows with the child.

Why do we love it so much? Well because its beautiful and gives perfect support at every stage of your childs development.

Tripp Trapp

Ergonomics for Children

The best posture advice for your children.

A child, especially a very young one, may not be very aware of their seated position therefore, it is especially important for the adult to notice and try to correct the child's posture.

Ergonomics for Children

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