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Otto Adjustable Table

Otto Adjustable Laptop Table

The best tiny table if you want a really really compact workstation at home or at work - that converts to an even smaller side table when you aren't using it. 

Gone are the days of squirming like a fish out of water on your sofa using your laptop, now you can use the Otto Laptop Table to sit in your best position. It adjusts with ease and your laptop can be elevated to get your screen at the correct eye level.

Developed with ergonomist Kirsty Angerer

Otto Adjustable Laptop Table
Otto Laptop Table New
RRP £648
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Otto Laptop Table

Standard Lead Time: Next working day when listed as "In Stock"

Warranty: 10 Years

Lifecycle: OTTO has a 10 year warranty and is designed for a 30 year lifecycle. It fully disassembles into constituent materials for recycling but also for repair or replacement.

Size Assembled: W: 60cm, H: 59-97cmcm, D: 50cm

Frame: tubular steel frame – powder coated in telegrey RAL 7047, or black RAL 9005.

Tops: FSC European Oak on ply.

Elevate Your Experience: Perfect for Video Calls

Otto's FSC-Certified Excellence

There isnt a name for it yet so we are calling this a coffee-laptop-desk-table for improving the posture of anyone working from home who wants an alternative work space, or is restricted on space. Catchy? 

Conceived by Hart Miller and developed in collaboration with renowned ergonomist Kirsty Angerer we love it. Its pricey but deigned and made in the UK but a lovely small factory and using sustainable materials. 

We havent found all its uses yet as we are still thinking of new ones, but to name a few: breakout sessions at home or in the office, using in the living room, having beside the bef to watch the laptop, using alongside your fav arm chair, as a mini office set up with laptop use...

Whichever it it, it's a great way to avoid the neck problems accociated with laptops on laps.