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Posture Kneeling Chair

Memory Foam Posture Chair

Memory Foam Posture Chair

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Foldable, Adjustable Kneeling Chair

Made in the UK, with great workmanship, and high-quality materials: This chair is built to last. This Ergonomic kneeling chair is great value for short-term, medium, and occasional use 2-4 hours daily.

Fixed chairs like this are fantastic but don't have the variety you need for longer (8-10) hours of sitting.

Like the Multi the Putnam's Posture Chair is quickly folded to lay flat, making it a good choice if you want to use it for an hour say, and then put it away. Or for transporting from place to place.

Putnams Kneeling Chair - Memory Foam New
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Putnams Kneeling Chair - Memory Foam

Won 'best on test'.
Excellent when sitting for short periods of time, and easily transportable. Now with added memory foam top layer for added comfort and pressure relief.

Tip: Castors can be tough on carpets and floors so, so we suggest a chair with a wooden runner like the Variable for home working. The Variable, Variable Plus and Thatsit are our prime choice for long term sitting.

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