Advice and Guidance

Advice and Guidance

Back in Action take pride in offering a world class service to all our clients, providing advice and guidance at every stage of the way.

What's more its completely:

  • Free
  • Open
  • & Honest.

Need condition-specific advice? We love to chat, give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

Advice and Guidance

This section online is just a taster of what our skilled staff can offer in store. There really is no substitute for scheduling an appointment at your local store, morning or afternoon, and experiencing this service first hand.

It is very common for our clients to spend 2-3 hours in our stores, trying out every chair and mattress, and having a 15 minute spinal massage on the world renowned Mobiliser ® Massage System.

Our Top Products for Back Care

Starting as The Back Shop in 1984 we've grown by filtering and developing products that work. We now have 4 Exciting Stores plus on-line and made to order. We aim to please those with Back Pain and those who love design. With our products we hope you'll wake, travel, work, play, relax and sleep with more enjoyment.  

Need help? Grab Our Advice Instore Or Online. Or call us 9:30am-5pm Monday to Saturday (Out Of Hours Contact Form Below)

Our Top 10 Ways To Beat Back Pain

Excellent if chosen wisely

We have supplied thousands of ergonomic kneeling chairs since 1987. The best are fantastic BUT it's important to choose carefully, find one that matches the length of time you sit for and your desired activity level.

Try Our Kneeling Chairs in one of our 4 Showrooms
Our store teams also give great advice on-line & by phone.

Kneeling Chairs work immediately to improve posture, stimulate movement, & keep joints & muscles active while sitting. There are dozens of different makes and models of kneeling chair... so which one is right for you?

Kneeling Chairs

Seating Assessments - Expert Consultation and Advice

An excellent chair can make a huge difference to you or your team's well-being. We help people:

  • Learn to sit and use their body better
  • Set up a balanced workstation
  • Find the best chair for each person's individual needs
  • Enjoy improving core fitness through seating

Helping people sit freely and comfortably is one of the most exciting things we do.

Seating Assessments

Ergonomics for Children

The best posture advice for your children.

A child, especially a very young one, may not be very aware of their seated position therefore, it is especially important for the adult to notice and try to correct the child's posture.

Everything here has been tested and approved by our team of experts and has been used by our company founder's children throughout their lives.

We love helping: Call for advice on: 0207 935 9120

Click for our guide to home office chairs

Ergonomics for Children

Which chair should I choose?

At Back in Action you'll find honest caring advice, great gadgets and beautiful chairs.

We can best help you if you come into our stores, call us or book a workplace assessment where we can offer tailored ergonomic advice.

Which Office Chair?

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