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Spare Room Prices

Mattress Clearance

Warehouse Clearance - Premium mattress at spare room prices - Why such big reductions? During a warehouse move some mattresses were marked, typically just dust marks. Now, at our new warehouse, we've inspected and photographed each mattress (see picture above) and placed them in three categories. Each category offers the perfect chance to give your children, family, parents or yourselves a great mattress. Even at these mad prices all mattresses have one year warranty.

Mattress Clearance

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Groundbreaking Furniture to Beat Back Pain

Back in Action Brand Profile

Back in Action was started in 1987 by David Newbound, an engineer who suffered a debilitating neck injury & his wife Lindall Pearce, an artist with an eye for design.

David formed the company when he discovered there was an alternative to constant pain, to share information and products to help other people.

Over the last 35 years we have helped thousands of people, we're very proud of what we do & our caring compassionate team.