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Social Tilt Chair

Embrace comfort and movement at the dining table with the Varier Social Tilt. This chair's unique design encourages active sitting, promoting better posture and reducing fatigue.  The gentle tilting motion keeps you engaged, allowing for extended conversations and focused activities.

Ideal for families, the Social Tilt can help keep restless children occupied during meals. 

Environmentally conscious construction utilizes 65% recycled materials.  The innovative hollow core design reduces weight and material usage without compromising durability. 

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Social Tilt provides a versatile seating solution for any dining occasion. 

The Social tilt is made using 65% Recycled materials and is made without glue to make recycling easier. The solid chair parts are injection molded and hollow to reduce material use and weight, without impacting durability.

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Warranty: 5-year warranty

Size Assembled: Height: 80cm Width: 55.7cm Depth: 52.8cm Seat Height: 46.3cm


10 years for wooden and polypropylene parts, and 5 years for mechanical parts.

At Varier, sustainability starts with building furniture that endures. Timeless designs using premium materials and meticulous construction, ensuring your Varier chair becomes a cherished companion for years to come.  Varier prioritise responsible manufacturing practices, collaborating with partners who share their commitment to minimizing waste and impact on our planet.


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Will you Tilt or Turn?

Varier Social Tilt - Create Your Own

Varier have hit a home run with the Social chair, creating a dining chair using yesterdays waste. Keeping the principals of movement (That we of course love, here's why), and being eco friendly by reusing old household plastic.

Varier Social Tilt  Create Your Own

Want a Free Social Tilt Chair?

Get a free Social Tilt chair with every Thatsit chair - the Ultimate Kneeling office chair will transform your home office working experience to another level.

Will You Tilt or Turn?

The Social Tilt® allows you to tilt gently forward for extra focus and lean back when you wish to relax or reflect. The multi-functional shell chairs are perfect for those who also do work or other focus-based activities at the dining table.

The Social Turn® is a dining chair that brings you closer to everyone around you thanks to its unique swivel feature. Social Turn® is the ideal choice for those looking for a shell chair with premium comfort and design aesthetics.

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We couldnt be more passionate about Varier furniture. Its quite simply the best. The Variable, Thatsit and Multi are the original keeling chairs and no others come close in terms of comfort and quality - we know, we have tried thousands.

Created by legendary designed Peter Opsvik, shop Varier Furniture from BackInAction, pioneers in ergonomic design.

Varier is committed to innovative, active sitting solutions that prioritise your health and vitality. Their iconic Variable Balans kneeling chair, born from the genius of designer Peter Opsvik 30 years ago exemplifies Varier's dedication to healthy sitting.

From ergonomic office chairs to versatile stools, Varier offers a diverse range of furniture designed to seamlessly integrate comfort, style, and movement into your daily life.

Welcome to a world where sitting becomes an art, and well-being is the masterpiece. Welcome to Varier Furniture from Back In Action. Best experienced 

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