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At Work & Home Office

We've done all the hard work for you; our ergonomic product collection is jam packed full of the very best chairs the world has to offer.

If we don't absolutely love it - we don't sell it.

Everything here has been tested and approved by our team of experts (who have more than 170 years of industry experience between them).

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At Work & Home Office

Tell me about kneeling chairs.

We have supplied thousands of ergonomic kneeling chairs since 1987. The best are fantastic BUT it's important to choose one that matches the length of time you will be using it per day.

Our store staff are able to offer great advice on-line, by telephone and by message.

They work immediately to improve posture, stimulate movement, and keep joints and muscles active while sitting. There are dozens of different makes and models of kneeling chair... so which one is right for you?

Read on for our handy guide:

Kneeling Chairs

Which office chair should I choose?

What's our philosophy?
That's an easy one to answer - movement. It's absolutely essential to maintain healthy bones, joints, energy levels, aid concentration, boost your immune system and maintain endorphin levels - we are built to MOVE and so is our furniture. All of it - every single thing we sell - is designed to generate, aid and promote more movement throughout your working day. Some chairs do this very gently and others introduce movement in a big way - maximising your fitness and long term health.

Create a Pain-Free Home Office

Should I stand up to work?

The idea is neither to sit nor to stand for the whole day - but to alternate between the two.

Adopting this approach many years ago with our own teams has seen us reduce back pain related sick leave to less than 1%

Sit-stand desking is great for health, productivity, calorie burn, energy levels, fitness, and overall wellbeing!

Click Here for further reading on the value of movement.

Should I stand to work?

Design-Led Ergonomics For Business

Do you want to:

  • Increase your team's productivity?
  • Reduce back pain related absence?
  • Improve staff wellbeing?
  • Keep the office looking beautiful?

Helping companies achieve these things is our speciality...

Design-Led Ergonomics For Business

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