Beat Back Pain While Working at Home

The Ergonomic Home Office

Worried about having to compromise on your home aesthetic to be Ergonomic and comfortable?

Don't worry, we know furniture needs to be beautiful too! If we don't love absolutely everything about it - we don't sell it.

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The Ergonomic Home Office

The key to great home-office ergonomics

Many of the commonly understood ergonomic features like lumbar supports and arm rests are not only often not needed; they are a small part of the whole picture when it comes to a successful home office.

Movement and activity are the life blood of everything we do as humans. Movement keeps us sane, active, healthy, vital, helps our heart stay beating, our energy levels stay high and helps our brain to process better.
The thing we often forget is that that movement is just as important when we are sitting - and even more important in a home office. Chairs without movement are depriving your body of the very thing that makes it work.

In all offices, but more than ever in a home office, we need furniture that allows us to embrace movement and sit relaxed, but balanced with forwards tilt.

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